Music Producer, Filmmaker & Photographer from Berlin

Der Berliner | Short Film

Millions of tourists visit Berlin every year. Unfortunately, some people don't understand Berlin directly. This is a documentation of what two tourists experienced!

Nymph | Short Film

The Legend of the Pan flute. Pan, drunk with love, pursued the nymph Syrinx, who fled from him. Her escape ended abruptly at the Ladon River, where she suddenly turned into a reed, which Pan then embraced. When the wind blew into the reed, wailing sounds came out. Pan didn't want to lose the sounds, so he broke seven pieces out of the reed, each a little shorter than the last, and tied them together. This is how the pan flute was invented.

Dating Berlin | Short Film

The Berlin Dating Scene in Nutshell. Living in the German Capital brings a very unique dating culture with it that people who move here from abroad often struggle with. Berlin culture differs tremendously from the rest of Germany.

Traveler | Short Film

A dystopian little silent film in Berlin. A traveler has lost his route.

On My Own | Music Video

In a world full of melodies and feelings, rising indie pop artist Tim Schultheiss presents his latest song that explores the emotional highs and lows of a painful breakup.

Fire | Music Video

„Fire“ is about motivation. The feeling of being true to ourselves. The legitimacy of expressing yourself however you see fit. To love however you want. To choose your own kind of normal.

Body | Music Video

Body's music video clearly goes in the direction of a retro look with trashy elements.

Music Production|Audio Design|Mixing & Mastering|Music  Composing|Vocal Recording|Videography|Photography|Cinematography|Color Grading

© 2021 Maurice-Vincent Komischke

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