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Der Berliner - Short Film

Millions of tourists visit Berlin every year. Unfortunately, some people don't understand Berlin directly. This is a documentation of what two tourists experienced!

Nymph | Short Film

The Legend of the Pan flute. Pan, drunk with love, pursued the nymph Syrinx, who fled from him. Her escape ended abruptly at the Ladon River, where she suddenly turned into a reed, which Pan then embraced. When the wind blew into the reed, wailing sounds came out. Pan didn't want to lose the sounds, so he broke seven pieces out of the reed, each a little shorter than the last, and tied them together. This is how the pan flute was invented.

Dating in Berlin | Short Film

The Berlin Dating Scene in Nutshell. Living in the German Capital brings a very unique dating culture with it that people who move here from abroad often struggle with. Berlin culture differs tremendously from the rest of Germany.

Vincent Vedat, Loulia - Body | Music Video

After a long break, Vincent Vedat is back! This time together with the singer Loulia. Typical of Vincent Vedat's work, many classic house elements were used. The electronic piano carries the entire song and the down-pitched vocals give the song that certain something. „Body" is about female empowerment.

Traveler | Short Film

Original Idea, Script, Director: Antonia SteinkeCamera, Color Grading, Collage Re-Edit: Maurice-Vincent KomischkeTraveler: Caroline GrauSammy: Jeanne KleinAngela: Cordula RiffoScript/Continuity: Joey KuttigProduction Coordination: Christina MüllerSet Recording Manager: Céline SchinkSet Driver: Andreas SteinkeSound: David StrickerLight: Cezary Hensel & Alexandra GulzarovaMakeup: Jonas RossProp: Wanda Prawitt

On My Own | Music Video

In a world full of melodies and feelings, rising indie pop artist Tim Schultheiss presents his latest song that explores the emotional highs and lows of a painful breakup. The single, titled “On My Own,” takes listeners on a profound journey through love, loss, and the search for self-healing.

Vincent Vedat, Valentin Henning, KARTINI - Fire | Music Video

„Fire“ is about motivation. The feeling of being true to ourselves. The legitimacy of expressing yourself however you see fit. To love however you want. To choose your own kind of normal. You don’t have to be young, good-looking or rich to go after what sparks your curiosity. Just follow your inner drive! Urban life creates this desire in us to connect. We inspire each other by standing up for our beliefs and acting on them. “Fire” is a shoutout to people burning for each other.

KARTINI - Devil in Disguise | Music Video

'Devil in disguise' is all about power games, lust and mystery. Sometimes, when we feel attracted to someone, we tend to lose focus for the essential things - like the inner values. Toxic dynamics in relationships at times evolve from the absolute dedication of someone towards their lover. That same person, first appearing charming and trusting, eventually reveals itself to be a devil in disguise. I wrote this song, because I wanted to criticize the high status of outer beauty in today's society.

Vincent Vedat, KARTINI, Kai Mayu - Don’t Stop | Music Video

"Don't Stop" is about accepting your own history with all its rough edges. Often we are too hard on ourselves when we fail. Yet failing belongs to life the same way as succeeding does. This song really is about falling in love with the journey of finding oneself. Ultimately it comes down to continuing the travel and not getting off from your goals, even if they are not yet tangible.

Cloudy June - High Waist to Hell | Music Video

Cloudy ☁️ she / her For 3 years she was the lead singer of a death metal band. Now the young artist from Berlin is going solo, reaching fans all across the world with her new music.

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Child of the Universe, Kai Mayu - Something Real | Music Video

Having written a lot of songs around the topic of love, Kai Mayu wanted to shift his perspective with his latest release “Something Real“. The energetic production by Child of the Universe inspired him to focus on another form of attraction: S** appeal. But “Something Real“ does not only feature a change in context. It is also the first release containing Spanish lyrics by the upcoming singer-songwriter, which gives this release a special place in the artist's discography.

Stopover In Hell | Short Film

After a bank robbery, a gangster couple is stuck in the middle of nowhere, their getaway car out of petrol. When a police officer stops for an ordinary traffic stop, the couple has to improvise...

Ocean and the Waves - Resilience | Music Video

‘Scars are where wings grow’ Resilience means getting up when it feels impossible. The song is meant to inspire anyone who battels depression and mental illness to keep fighting. It reminds: Times do get better and theres light near the shadow. Reflecting on one of the darkest times of her life Ocean returns with this honest song.

Child of the Universe, MUANH - Heart of Gold | Music Video

A song about vulnerability and the urge to protect yourself from a broken heart.

Ocean and the Waves - Storms Like These | Music Video

'Storms Like These' is a song I wrote in Montreal last August during an absolute fantastical thunderstorm. I was soaked, sitting in bed after running home halfway from the store, a walk on which I ran into a friend. We said Hi, it started pouring, we looked at each other, laughed and without another word ran to our respective homes. On my panicked run (because Im scared/fascinated of thunderstorms to this day) I ran past a girl who could not have been more relaxed. When I got home I started thinking about storms and how each person deals with them. Then I thought about my emotional storms and phases in my life where everything felt hard, heavy and loud & how the people around me seemed to wander through life with such ease. 'Storms Like These' reflects on depression and the storms we each are faced with, how we learn to dance through them & become stronger for it.

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